About Us


Our Approach

Since 1987, Nehlen has been involved in the process equipment business, leading the charge for newer and better products around the world. Now, he leverages his partners to deliver best-in-class quality, lead-times, and value for OEMs around the globe. That means you.

Blue Skies Global delivers:

  • Pressure vessels to ASME Section VIII
  • Pressure piping to Div 1, B31.1
  • Turnkey systems including instrumentation
  • OEM Branded Product
  • Utilize ASME Section IX weld procedures and welder certs

Whether your need is in compressed air and gas filtration, liquid separation, particulate, oil removal, or vapor filtration, we will have your product manufactured on spec, on time, and to budget BY AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS!

Next Steps...

If you are purchasing from a large multi-national, you might not be buying a product that they themselves are manufacturing.

They may be purchasing from someone else and marking your product up for sale to you.

Let me eliminate that costly layer and provide AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT!